Friday, January 30, 2015

DIY Supersized Ironing Board

Back By Popular Demand and A couple modification ideas at the end, if your Ironing board is up ALL the time.... Please read all the way through before starting......
(Modified Jan 2015)  

If you would like to be able to lay a ½ yard of fabric out and iron it all at one time without having to move the fabric; you are going to LOVE THIS TUTORIAL!  I ran across an ironing board similar to this and thought “WOW that would be awesome to have...I bet I can  make one of these.”  It is one of my favorite tool/items in my sewing room.  You can make one of these too, and you'll be surprised how easy it all comes together.  Easy peasy! *wink*

Yes, that's a 15 inch ruler with room around it


Here is a list of supplies you need: 

*Your existing Ironing board - (with old cover

*Tape Measure, pencil, saw, drill with smaller than wood screw drill bit, staple gun w/staples and a screw driver, hammer and/or brad nail gun.

*A piece of ¾ inch plywood cut 21 inches wide and  6 inches beyond the length of your ironing board CLOSED. 
(my example is for a standard ironing board and it’s cut 63 inches x 20 inches)

*7 fender washers & 7 wood screws
*2 (10 ft) sticks of 1 inch by 1 inch wood (for finishing)
*100% Cotton Batting    (I used scraps I already had)
*2 yards of fabric (You can choose whatever color you want…Dress it up or dress it down)
*Finishing Nails 1 ½ long amount varies.  (fyi..I used a brad nailer instead)

Okay Let’s begin assembly. First mark the top of your board and lay it face down.

Lay ironing board face down on top of the plywood. 
Center ironing board on plywood and mark where you will be 
mounting the wood screws to the ironing board.
(I marked 7 total-  one at the tip…and 3 along each side of ironing board) 

(Mark the ironing board also, this step will make realigning later a lot easier)
         Now remove ironing board and pre-drill your holes…
this step will make it easier to secure at end.

(if you drill all the way worries, you will be
covering it up with fabric)

Next … Take your 1 x 1 sticks of wood, measure and cut the lengths to match the plywood length.   From the left over cuts, measure and cut for the short lengths to fit in between the long sides… IMPORTANT >> DO NOT ATTACH YET!  Put aside for finishing! 
(Sorry I forgot to take a picture of this step)  

Next…Cut 4 layers of batting an inch or so larger than the
size of your plywood.  
The extra will wrap over the sides and give a cushion along
the edge of your ironing board

(I notched the corners of two layers so that I wouldn’t have super bulky corners.  I hope you can see that in the picture… it was a sunny day)   
Now…Clear off your table and lay your fabric so that it is
Right Side facing DOWN.
 (WARNING… there is going to be a bit of waste, I know...but you’ll want enough fabric to hold onto  when pulling and stapling.  That way you will get a tight fit across the board..I did trim 15 inches off the length of fabric before doing this.  A good size scrap for later)

Next lay your batting layers on top of the fabric… and your plywood so that the
side marked TOP is face down.

Pull the fabric to the back of plywood just like you are upholstering
a chair and staple.
(Be careful to not shift your batting)

Staple the fabric about ¾ of an inch from the edge. 
Remember you will be covering the staples with
the 1 x 1 pieces you cut previously. 

 When you work into a corner, fold the fabric like you are wrapping a present. 
Once you have the fabric securely stapled, trim excess off. 
(Be sure to not trim too close to staples)  

When all the fabric is trimmed, go thru with a hammer and give each
staple an extra tap to ensure that each staple lays as flat as possible. 

Now you are ready to attach the 1 x 1 pieces. 
Lay the 1 x 1’s on top of the staples. 
Be careful not to hit a staple when finishing. 
 I happen to have a brad nailer and it was quick and simple,
but if you don't...
use finishing nails and tack the 1 x 1’s down with a hammer. 

Now that the 1 x 1 pieces are attached...
You are ready for the last step.  (Are you excited yet??)

Position the ironing board over the pre drilled
holes that were made earlier.

Secure your new cover to the ironing board with a wood screw
and fender washer in each of the pre-drilled holes.

You are now ready to flip over your ironing board and enjoy
how much bigger it is. 

You now have an awesome "Supersized" Portable Ironing Board that
everyone you know - who sews - will be jealous of. 
Be may have to make one of these for a friend, I did.


NOW... IF you keep your Ironing board out ALL the time..(Like I seem to)  You may want to make a modification like I did.    IF it's in front of a closet door and you need it to slide...Here's Option ONE....

 I kept finding that it was in the way for my storage and took lots of space in my sewing room... SOooo.... I changed it up a bit.  I took the skeleton ironing frame off  and Assembled a Closetmaid 3 x 3 Cube (I found mine on sale at our local hardware store..but you can find them at Targets & Fred Meyer's too)

  After assembling it.. You could mount it permanently to the storage cube if you so desire, but I actually put some FELT squares 
under mine so that I could still remove it and slide it left and ride for access into my closet

I have two of these now... One on my ironing board frame for when I have a group sew session at my house....and the one always up in my room....  

What I did after our recent move into a new residence..and no longer had a closet door to fight with.. I added a 2 x 3 cubbie as well..and made this wonderful version.. I have replaced my cover, but it's the same board I originally made up above...

 The little cabinet on the end is separate and I place my iron on it.. just because it's out of the way when I lay fabric out.  Board slides away from wall a bit so I can slide large pieces of fabric over.

Happy Quilting…and...Happy Ironing ;) 

 Christine L

Saturday, January 24, 2015

New York Beauty Mini Quilt

I signed up for a mini quilt swap online... Yep visiting Flickr some more and finding some great groups.  *wink*.  In this group there are themes for Mini Quilts projects.  I said what the heck...I'm in *giggle*.   

This round's theme is Black & White plus one.   The Plus one...your pick of a single color.   I picked my project to have some lime green added.... Not sure yet what my wonderful partner will create for me... But she picked Red... and boy did she give me some pretty great ideas of what she'd like...Below are a few of the choices she gave me...
I've been trying my hand at paper piecing and thought what the heck let's go for it.  So I chose her New York Beauty Favorite as my inspiration piece for her quilt  (bottom right pix from above)..   

The paper piecing templates are available online to download.... I was excited to find them at a link for free.  CLICK HERE  They make up at about 8 inches per block, which is perfect since the mini is suppose to be 16 inches or smaller.  I selected four different versions of the block to use... giving the mini some great contrast.   Blocks 0, 1,2,& 4 were my picks. 

I found these great black and white fabrics online at a Fantastic Etsy Store - Fresh Modern Fabric  

I ran down to my LQS to buy some red....which I kept simple yet bright... and then got started... 

Here's the quilt ALL Finished.. I forgot to take pictures along the way, but I LOVE how it turned out. I  mailed it off to her yesterday and can't wait for her to receive it. 

I added a sleeve to the back so she an easily display on the wall.  The paper piecing went smoothly, but I have to admit that it's been quite awhile since I worked with curved piecing...and as far as I'm concerned it can be long time before I do it again...*grin*....  At one point I was worried that I was going to have to remake a whole section due to having to unsew too many times.    If any of you have tips to make curved piecing go more smoothly...please share your secrets in a comment below...I appreciate any advice.  *big grin*.

I hope she likes it when it arrives.. it was a definite challenge for me, but that's what I like about Swaps..getting out of my comfort zone *grin*.  I know that we are our own worst critics, so I see all the flaws - I just hope that she sees past the few that are there.  

 Till next time.. 
Hugs and Happy Quilting..

UPDATED>...January 30th...
Here's my Lovely Swap Item that I received in the mail today from Karen..AKA sewgentle on FLICKR.   I love everything about it!  Wonderful Wonderful Mini!

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