Thursday, March 12, 2015

Shape Challenge - Circles

Our guild is having a Shape challenge... the goal.. To make a project with the shape you selected from an envelope a couple months ago.. and our March meeting is when our projects are due.  Pretty simple... Shapes available to work with were Square, Triangle, Hexagon, and Circle...  I got Circle.    

.......And since I am super excited to share that My SIL and I bought NEW sewing machines from the SEW EXPO this year.  Best time ever to get a Fantastic Machine.  These were classroom demo models and had maybe 6 hours of sewing on them, but immensely reduced... Here she is... My New Bernina... What shall I call her.. Hmmmmm

Okay okay...back to my challenge...since I am a Pinterest Junkie.. *giggle*. and after surfing for quite awhile. I ran across the CUTEST pillow EVER!!!   I was inspired by this wonderful pillow by Chris @ Pickup Some Creativity.....and She was inspired from a pillow by Allison @ Cluck Cluck Sew.... 

Below is Mine.... I made it a 16 inch pillow... It works perfect for my sewing chair to support my back with the new machine :) WIN WIN for me and can't wait to share my circles with the guild members... 

My Tree is pretty similiar to Chris's pillow... I just loved hers...I had a blast using my NEW Sewing machine... I did some thread art on the TRUNK to try out the machine....Going to have to practice some more..

Thanks for stopping by and make sure you check out Chris and Allison's Blogs.. They have wonderful ideas and tutorials to share.. 

Hugs and Happy Quilting... Till Next Time..

Sunday, February 1, 2015

TickerTape Superbowl Finish

What a Finish...  I got my version of the TickerTape Quilt Finished today in time for the Superbowl.
I was able to finally Finish the quilting Saturday.  I quilted a wonky pattern around each of the raw edge appliqued squares,  Since the top was made a bit different then the original Ticker Tape instructions  in the book "Sunday Morning Quilts" instructs you to do.
I made a couple matching pillow cases with the backing fabric..
Again,  I can't say THANK YOU enough to the Ladies of the Sunday Morning Quilt Bee on Flickr... I really LOVE all the blocks they made to help me make this quilt..Fabrics from All Over the World make this Quilt Extra Special!  Thank you!!!!
 Here's a post on the assembly...CLICK HERE
My inspiration Block for Hive

For Binding, I used a fun print that I have used thru-out my bedroom... 

So happy to get the hand stitching finished on Sunday...just in time to share my finish with Family at our Family Superbowl party...
Seeing as how it's sorta Seahawk colors *giggle* 

This is a King Size quilt.. Finished up approx 90x110  The Raw Edges are going to make it softer as it gets washed..So excited!!!

My nephew was happy to help me get a picture during game...  He was the one who reminded me that it's sorta Seahawk Colors *giggle*

Even though we lost the Big Game today... it was still a Fantastic Day for Football, Fun Family and a Quilted Finish...

 To all the 12's out there....Be Proud we had a Fantastic Season and there's Next Year to look forward to.  Mr Fantastic is bummed, but I am sure he'll bounce back..

Thank you for stopping by my Blog, following my fun, and sharing in my excitement!

 Looking forward to my next project.... Already have some ideas on how to finish these fun bee's a sneak peak of a few in the pile.. *wink*

Hugs and Happy Quilting...
Till Next Time... "Go Hawks"

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