Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Getting back in the Groove...

It's been awhile since I have been able to spend any time Quilting or blogging.. and I've felt a bit lost.  Like so many of you, I use our quilting time as a therapy.. Stress reduction and relaxation.   Another reason I've been Lost and MIA is I can not seem to get into my Flickr Acct...I can see pictures, but it won't let me get to any of my groups or my email... I think I am just going to have to start over with FLICKR.. I have reached out to my swaps via email and shared my problems with the Leaders and working on getting caught up...but in the mean time I took blocks I received from a couple of my Swaps, and made two projects for my bedroom.  

 Instead of tackling a KING size quilt.  I ordered a generic plain gray colored comforter..(after receiving the comforter I sorta wish it was a tad bit lighter, but it will work just fine until I find the right one)....and will use BED runners to decorate and change things up a bit in my room.  This happens to be the first project I have COMPLETED for myself in over a year.. shoot it may have been over two years since making something for myself, now that I think about it..  *giggle*.

I LOVE how it turned out.  I used the Wonky Pinwheel pattern from GreenLeaf Goods... I had a few blocks I had to unsew and resew so that the rows lined up for the pinwheels properly...and there are still a couple that somehow I goofed up, but you can't really see them unless you start to look closely...*wink*. 

I was fortunate enough to have just enough squares left over to make an oversized pillow, perfect for propping myself up with to read or use my computer in bed!  Here it is....  I LOVE it TOO *giggle*

I wish I could say THANK YOU via FLICKR to all the ladies that helped me make these blocks on FLICKR and post pictures to my Flickr Acct, but it won't let me sign in...so I'll have to find them under a new log in I think.   But all the Ladies did a wonderful job on the blocks and I absolutely LOVE them all!!!   SO IF YOU are Visting my blog and worked on any of these blocks for me I AM GRATEFUL!!  and I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

My New bedroom is coming together nicely...I added some bright colored solid pillow cases until I can make some printed projects... a wonderful pillow I received in a previous Swap..

Some Candles and Bottles I found from Hobby Lobby and Artco to decorate around the room with......Which I was super Excited to find... 
I am a bit worried about my money tree...It's look a little pale and I don't know what I've done to cause it to happen :'(   (Any advice is appreciated)

Here's the Bed all Decorated....

Excuse the Wrinkles... It was straight and then... Jasmine Photo bombed it before I could get a shot...  and I didn't realize it was still all wrinkly until I enlarged the pix.. HAHA.  

Thank you again to all the wonderful ladies that helped me make these blocks.  It's been rejuvenating to get back into my sewing mode... I've actually worked on a couple other projects since finishing this up and I can't wait to share more soon.

Hugs and Till Next Time.....

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Still Alive, I promise..

Well everyone.. I know you've wondered what has happened to Christine... Did the Quilt Monster finally come out of the closet and get her?   Seems like it's been a monster alright, but not the quilt monster that has taken me away.   I truly can't tell you what happened to the months of May, June or even this month July.   Seems like I was in some sort of creative RUT.   But I am hoping to climb out of the chaos and get back to my Room and projects.

I was fortunate enough tonight to go to my first Guild meeting in over 15 years... I met some wonderful ladies at the Tacoma Modern Quilt Guild social.  My sis in law at the last minute invited me to go with her and I thought what a great way to get motivated again...and Boy I think it will work!   Was wonderful to meet a nice group of ladies in person and share various projects and ideas.   I am looking forward to seeing what happens over the weeks to come and to continue to get inspired!

Thank you for still visiting while I have been on a temporary Hiatus and I hope to be back at it here SOON!

Hugs to you all,

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Shed Moving weekend....

 Well many of you know that we moved in January.   Mr Fantastic and I are very excited about our New Home... and our Backyard is a blank canvas waiting for us to paint... *giggle*.   We haven't brought our Travel Trailer home yet *sad face* because we don't want it out on the street.  So this weekend (started on Saturday)....while Mr Fantastic was participating in a Golf tournament... I, with the help of one of my co-workers... Moved our shed...  YEP our 12ft x 12ft Shed....We moved it just the two of us..and I didn't unload it or anything.   Here's how we did it....

This is the starting point...

As you can see, it's too close to the fence as it sits, to get our Trailer behind the fence.  We are going to move it about 25 feet and turn it 180 degrees so that the door faces the house.  Will be easier to make sure the door is closed at the end of each day. *wink*.

First We Jacked it up and placed rollers (PVC) under it...

We used lots of 2 x 6's and short pieces of PVC, it will allow the shed to roll along the boards.  Prepping took us quite a bit of time.  We started at 8am Saturday morning.
(Some of you may or may not know that I'm a High Voltage Substation Electrician...this is a Technique that we use to move our Big Power Transformers.....we obviously don't use PVC, as Transformers weigh A LOT more, but this procedure is similar....lovin' that my work skills are coming in handy *BIG GRIN*)

This Bracket system is something my coworker manufactured!  It REALLY worked Awesome!!

We used a GIANT chain and a Tugger (aka a Come-A-Long) to pull the Shed across the 2x6's...

Excuse the backside shot of my friend.*wink*......it's the only close up pix I had of the chain....*grin*

We have the shed moved about 12 feet in this pix...

As it rolls forward...the PVC will pop out the back and then we have to Jack up the front again and insert the PVC at the front.  It rolled along the planks pretty easy.  I was tugging away at it, while my coworker kept an eye on all the rollers, so it wouldn't start dragging on the ground.  

Okay... the shed is almost ready to turn in this picture...

Look-y There... We have grass on the backside now :) We'll be graveling this area and putting in a new gate system so that the Trailer can fit in this spot perfectly!!!  (Mr Fantastic WILL be Home for that part....*grin*)

  Let's start the turning process...

What we did to turn it was....we added Sheets of Plywood instead of the 2x6's, and started using LONG pieces of PVC so that the Shed would slide on it.. We moved our pick points, as well, so that we'd start tugging on different points...(we added another bracket to the back corner..just not in this picture)

We buried these Very Large Metal stakes in the ground to use with the Tugger,.. Sometimes we had to double up due to the ground lifting from the force.  
(I know it looks like my friend is doing all the work...but I had to use the camera..HAHA.  He had me on the tugger and the jacks..so just know that I was super sore by the end of the day.*giggle*.)

Alright!   We have the shed turned...now to pull it back to the final resting place... we changed up the chains so that they wrapped around the front and pulled the chain to the back.. It lined the shed up perfectly straight off our deck...and we were able to move it back to the fence where I wanted it.

So at 4pm....this is where it sat for the night....(took less than 7 hours to move it) I am VERY happy with where it ended up..It still needed to be leveled and secured, but that's going to be done on Sunday......(again, remember Mr Fantastic was in a golf tournament...He was SUPER Impressed when he got home...and happy to help with clean up,  He even brought us home some Dinner. )

On Sunday... I got out those Jacks one more time... and Raised the shed up on the backside first.. Got it level and moved to the front making sure it was level from front to back and side to side...after level and secure...I redid the Ramp, so it's fully functional again.  

For the ramp, I laid down some asphalt roofing so that it won't get slick to walk on....makes for Good tread..
So it's ALL Secure, Level and Ready for Paint (to be done at a later date..*wink*)  
Mr Fantastic made it home in time to help me bury the electrical PVC (he didn't win his tourney, but he said he had a good time.....I think he was too worried about me to really enjoy his game.. *giggle*)  I'll finish up the electrical this week...have to buy a few more things..  NEXT Major part will be putting in the new fence/gate and graveling...Our Trailer will be coming home soon!.

Also, I think that when I paint it... I am going to add a QUILT block to the left side that faces into the Yard..kinda like what you see on the Barns... :)  Wouldn't that look FANTASTIC!!  Here's what I'm thinking of...

Anyway... I'm feeling very ACCOMPLISHED tonight and Just had to share with you all!   Thanks for stopping by and I hope to have some Quilty fun to share with you all SOON.

Hugs... Till Next Time....

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Okay I'm back and here's what I've been working on..... FLICKR Bee Blocks. .  
Maybe you'll find some inspiration for your own upcoming quilts...

Megan's Star by from the Modern Blocks 99 Quilt Book

I put my Mo-Stash Pinwheels block together to make a bedrunner for my New Bedroom... Will look great for the Holidays this year!  Just need to quilt this one up...

Wonky Modern Double Crosses....  FUN blocks... Here's the tutoriail.... CLICK HERE

I am sharing the Month of March with Two other ladies.. in the Sunday Morning Quilt Book Bee.  I choose to have people make a color specific Ticker Tape Block...This one is mine..

Kim Picked the Nap like an Egyptian with Pinks and Greens

and Francesca had us make Blue and Brown Missing U Blocks

Lisa asked for ANY kind of block we wanted to make... SO I tried one of the blocks from the Shape Workshop Book.  This block is called Landscape...Fun Book from Fat Quarterly

There ya go... a few of the blocks I've been workin on in the past month since we moved in.
There are more...but can't do a photo overload on ya..*giggle*
Hugs and Happy Quilting...Till Next Time..

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Home... New Cave....New Projects

Well everyone I am sure you've been wondering what the heck happened....Did the Quilt Monster in her Closet Finally get her or what???    *giggle*  ALMOST... I avoided self destruction by the hair on my chiny chin chin...  We were in WHIRLWIND mode when our house sold in just 3 days to find a new home...We got VERY VERY LUCKY and ended up selling and closing within the same 24 hours.  IF any of you know real estate..you know that it is EXTREMELY Stressful to pull that off!    BUT we are in a WONDERFUL new home and Absolutely LOVE everything about it! 

Our New home... Moved in on Jan 30th..
There are a few things to fix mostly landscaping/external items and in the back yard.  But we know how to make that happen.. *wink*... The house was move in ready just as ours was that we were selling...  Sew....I am much more relaxed now and have my new sewing room setup.  My Quilt Monster can't hide in my sewing room closet, so it just hangs out with me in my new room... Here's some pix of the new Sewing Cave...

I redesigned my Cutting station from before... I used two Closet Made Cube Systems and put them together a bit differently to make the full storage across the front. :)  LOVE IT! There are also two shelves to the far right that are wider, for the things bigger than the bin width. 

Below you'll find my Oversized Ironing board now supported by TWO Cube systems (one 9 and one 6) for more storage..since I no longer have to make room for a closet door to open and close.   

I absolutely LOVE all the natural Light that comes into the room now with the extra and big windows.  It does turn out to be smaller than my old room square footage wise, but we now have a FOUR bedroom house.  SEW....I have taken over some of the GUEST room. *Giggle*  I mean if there are no guests at my house..I have to use the space right..*wink*.. I decided to put my Design wall up on one wall... Now it is an EVER changing piece of Wall Art for anyone stopping by or spending the night.. *grin*.
We're going to put a sofa sleeper or daybed in this room, that way I'll still have space for a machine quilting frame...Which would be AWESOME!  We'll see....*fingers crossed*

I mentioned earlier that the Quilt Monster can no Longer hide in my closet... Well that's because I have no closet door in the sewing cave... I kinda like it that way..the Monster can't make a MESS..*giggle*  

That's the Sewing Cave as it is now... I love my new space...Mr Fantastic sends me a text to remind me to come out of the Cave every so often..*giggle*  This house is nearly twice as big as our old house and we both LOVE the extra space...Not nearly as cluttered as it use to be and EVERYTHING has a Home now.   I'll share more Pictures of the house soon... But I thought I'd let ya know that I am still Alive and Well and Feeling Wonderful these days.  

Here's the Design Wall Today... I've received all the blocks from my We Bee Learning Flickr Group of ladies and LOVE how this quilt is going to turn out. 
 These blocks are called Wonky Pin Wheels...

Here's the Link to the tutorial  - CLICK HERE

Hugs and Happy Quilting...
Till Next Time....

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hexie Ho Ho Ho Project

 I had another quilt project to make for a partner on Flickr... Ruth asked for a New Christmas Stocking... So I started to think of ideas and the NorthWest Quilt show came to town.. I found some new fabrics from Benertrax called Ho Ho Ho, Let it Snow..

I found this Great Pattern online from Thimble Blossoms.. Merry

Made me so Hexies...

and turned it into This...  

Here's the Front...

For her name I just increased the size of a font on the Computer to 110 point.. printed off her name and traced it in reverse on to Steam a Seam...modified the letters just a tad to match the Ho Ho Ho text...
 I like it

Here's the Back..

I didn't turn out the heel very good for that pix..LOL  

I also found a fun stocking ornament pattern at the show and made her a Snowman ornament to go along with her goodies... 

I mailed them on Thursday and Happy to announce she received them on Saturday.
She sent me a note letting me know that she loved it!

If you want to  make some fun New Stockings this year... That "Merry" Pattern is EASY Peasy!!

Hugs to you all,
Till Next Time...