Monday, October 21, 2013

Super Girl Knitting Needle Case

Good Afternoon... I had today off from work and was sitting here thinking about the left over DC Comic Super Girl Fabric, I had a couple pieces left over from yesterday's post...and I didn't want any of it to go to waste... So I started thinking about what else I could make for my secret partner.   

I remembered that she posted that she's a knitter... SO... I started searching online for a tutorial on making a Knitting Needle case.  

There were quite a few that I ran across.  For some reason many people use BUSY prints in their tutorials and they are hard to follow..I finally found one that was easy enough to follow and got started on it this morning.  I modified it a bit to add the accent fabrics to it.

Here's the link if you want to check it out... 
Guthrie & Ghani
(The sizes are in metric so you'll have to convert them, but it was easy to do *wink*.)

 I also used elastic (about 7 inch pieces) instead of ties... I had some on hand and available so I figured why not *giggle*.

I like how it turned out...since I used a small amount of yellow in the grocery bag I had quite a bit more of it than the red..and I decided to go with Bat Girl Gray and yellow for the inside fabrics.  
I had some gray in my stash already so I didn't have to spend any more money.. *giggle*  
 Gotta stay within budget...  

Since I do not Knit...(I am envious of all those that can...)....I drove down to our local craft store and asked if I could borrow some of their needles to take a picture. *sneaky grin*.  Really it was to make sure they FIT... *giggle*   

They Fit PERFECT!!!!.. I used the camera phone for this picture...I ended up chopping off some of the bottom..Oops.. The black flap at the top folds down to help hold the needles in place.  

My only bummer moment was when I realized that the black filler piece in the center isn't centered *sad face*.  Oh well.. that's the beauty of something Handmade right...the little imperfections.  

I think it turned out fantastic and I really hope she likes it.. *wink*.  All the Super girl fabric is used up and I feel great about that.  If you have any questions on the dimensions I used let me know..I can give them to you.  

Till next time.. 
Hugs and Happy Quilting..


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I sure loved Wonder Woman when I was a kid. This is really cute.

Looms214 said...

Good job I like it turned out very good!