Sunday, October 20, 2013

Reversible Recycle Grocery Bag

Today I got to play in my Sewing Cave... I am participating in a swap with some friends that knit, crochet, and cross-stitch.. I've been known to do a little cross-stitching in the past, but my love is quilting/sewing.. (as many of you know).  So I had to come up with something to swap,that wasn't necessarily a quilt, but my partner could find useful.  The rules are..You have to make it yourself, and you can't spend more than $15.00 on supplies...and you have to think Winter... A bit of a challenge, when you don't know the person your swapping with at all.  

My partner doesn't know who I am, but she says in the bio that we had to each fill out that she loves DC Comics and Marvel comics... So I searched around Etsy and found this wonderful 2PinkPigs shop. It's perfect, for a Supergirl!  Right????  *giggle*. ($4.50 for a fatquarter)

I bought a couple of 1/4 yd cuts of Kona Red & Yellow & Green (on sale so $3.75 total)
and a yard of kona black also on sale ($5.25)
and I also found a fun Disney Christmas print (my Winter theme item also on sale)
 bought a 1/4 yard (1.50)

So here it is... My $15.00 Craft item.... A reversible, reusable Grocery Bag...

I love how it turned out... I used a tutorial over at The Seasoned Homemaker.
Click on the blog name and you can check out the tutorial..she was making a Man Tote..*giggle*  
Thank you Leslie for a great tutorial!! 

  I did modify it a bit, so that I could piece it for the fabric and accents, but its a great basic pattern.. I double topstitched every seam to give it some extra strength, and I didn't use the pocket (from the tutorial) Since my reversible fabrics didn't really go with each other..*grin*
What a Great Bag!

I Love it!  Here's the other side.. 
(I covered the Winter theme with that Christmas Disney print)

and I grabbed a bunch of items from my Pantry and it holds quite a bit!

I really hope my partner likes it!  I mean...who wouldn't love a superhero bag with a mouse hiding inside to make you smile.  Thanks so much for stopping by....I know I am going to make a few more of these for me.

Till Next Time...


boiledbroccoli said...

Looks great Christine! I'm secretly hoping you end up with next time! :)

Lesley said...

Great idea...she'll love it!

Vicki H said...

I love the reversible idea.