Friday, April 13, 2012

Long Week..ends with a Smile

I am so glad today is FRIDAY!  It's been one of those weeks, I feel like I have been on a super long roller coaster ride that makes your stomach get stuck in your throat and then spins you upside down without any notice... And I am happy to say that it's over and I didn't get sick.. *wink*

To make my wild week ride end on a Wonderfully Happy Note... I received this fabulous gift in the mail today!  Thank you CINDY!

Cindy had a giveaway for her birthday and I was the lucky Winner!!!  Cindy blogs over at Tops to Treasures.

Cindy... You made me smile after a very long-stressful week  :~)   The extra goodies were a wonderful surprise.  I have your beautiful mini in my Table Topper Quilt Stand for the weekend :)

The sun is scheduled to be out this weekend...I think we are going to try and hit a couple garage sales in the morning....and get the yard work done a bit later when it gets warmer. Then we are suppose to head over to a friends house for a late party..We'll see how it all goes.   Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend...Hugs to you all....


Kelli said...

Hope the sun shines all weekend for you Christine! It's raining here.. sounds like you have the perfect Saturday plans. Great win! :o)

Lesley said...

We live for the weekends! You got through the week, I can feel the smile in your face, and you will have a wonderful restful(?) weekend! Love that little quilt!

beaquilter said...

that looks great! I have two new charms and this template, wonder if I should try making another quilt with the twist and turn template? the last one I did scrappy blues and I ended up tossing the thing before it got finished, it was so ugly, hmmm
have fun gardening and partying!! don't do something stupid now! ha ha

Cindy said...

Oh so glad it made you smile! Me too.

Enjoy your weekend.

KrisD said...

What wonderful goodies! Hope you enjoyed your party...we've had a crazy week too. I think I know exactly which ride you were on! ;)