Sunday, March 11, 2012

Owls all around this SewFest weekend

Well I am pleased to announce Saturday was very productive.  {BUT I am NOT sewing any today... My Hand is Killing Me... I think it is from all the Free Motion Quilting.. Oooiie..}  I think today I will have my very own Blog Hop...*wink*

Real quick before I talk about Saturday...

Here's a pix as promised of Friday night's completion... I worked on the CarSeat/Stroller Quilt and Here's how it turned out.... Finished size is approx 24 x 30. Remember I saw this idea over at Clover & Violet and loved it... I just had to change it up a bit due to limited amounts of fabrics left.. :)
There are two straps/strings attached to the sides
so that you can secure it to the carseat/stroller handles.
Love this idea will probably make a couple more.. *wink*

Now back to Saturday's SewFest...

I have completed the Owl Quilt for my Co-Worker, and I hope he likes it as much as I DO!  He is surprising his wife with this quilt as a gift to her.. How sweet. I was excited to have been asked to make it for him. BUT before I do the big reveal..I have to share the rest of the Quilting Process that I promised my Non-Quilty Friends... This is the last post on the PROCESS. You'll have a very good general Idea of all that goes into the process of Making a Quilt....*wink*,

(To my Quilting/Blogging don't have to go thru this..unless you want to..*grin*..... you can skip to the end..... *giggle*)

First thing..Iron the top and Bottom so they lay nice and flat.  
Some people press the seams open, but I am still one of those that presses the seams to one side. 
Don't think I'll ever change my way either .. *wink*
Then Lay the backing face Down on floor, using masking tape secure to floor and make sure you surface is tightly placed across floor, This will prevent any puckering on the back side later. 
Then cut batting same size or just a bit smaller than backing 
and smooth from the center out...
Then Place Top face UP on batting making sure that it's square with the backing and lined up the way you want... Smooth out fabric and make sure there are no wrinkles.

Get your basting Tools Ready...

I made a $5.00 investment and bought knee pads at the hardware store..similiar to what they use when laying tile or carpet.  SAVES the KNEES!!  *giggle*.  My Kwik Clip tool which is a must and saves the finger nails, and pins.  I spread my pins out on the lid and move that around the quilt with me...easier to keep track of the loose pins *wink*

I am a safety bin baster.  It works for me, Some people prefer to thread baste.  (I've always pin basted and had good success with it.)   I usually safety pin the quilt into four big squares and the pin to from the center to the opposite corner. Helps keep the quilt smooth and prevent Puckering again *wink*  You do want to take into consideration how you are going to quilt it so that you don't  put pins where you are going to need to sew.  
Once done pinning..I trim quilt so that there is about 3/4 inch of batting and 
backing incase I need it from the top shifting.

Then OFF to the Sewing machine for quilting......

This quilt I used my freemotion foot and 
went at it with a Giant Meandering
 Stipple stitch (it's what I call it anyway) 

VIOLA.. Here it is before binding....

haha... you thought you were going to see the whole thing already..*evil giggle*
Not done yet.. have to add the binding which is the finishing part.

I found a fun fabric to use..not a fabric that was in the quilt.. but the
colors are great and I just loved the circles *giggle*
These are 2.5 inch strips that I fold in half, iron and then
attach to one side of the quilt.  This time I am
attaching to the back first.

Once secured to the back I folded it over to the front
and machine stitching it to the front as well.
Some times I hand stitch the other side of the binding instead, 
but this quilt is going to see a lot of washing and want it to be nice and secure.

Ready.... here it is.....

This is before I washed it.  I prewashed the fabrics, but didn't prewash the batting.
I was hoping for a bit of crinkle effect.

Here is a close up after Washing it
After Washing it... looks more Crinkled!  LOVE IT!!!

It turned out fantastic.  I am very pleased with it. I am totally in love with these colors and I really Love how it crinkled up a bit after washing!  Remember this Pattern is Called Lemon Squares and you can find it over at Fresh Lemons Quilts.

To my Non-Quilty Friends... let me know when you are ready to start a new addiction.. I will be happy to help you with that.  HAHAHA.   And to my Quilty/Bloggy Friends.  You are all awesome and the best!  Thank you for letting me share this IN-Detail step by step Process.. I was a bit long winded..hehehe.   Thanks for visiting and I hope to share more fun stuff soon.  Look what the postman brought me yesterday from Burgundy Buttons.. very YUMMY!!!! 
Fun Moda fabrics called Sassy!!! 

Till Next Time!


Lesley said...

Even for we quilty friends, it's nice to see the pictures of how a quilt comes together. Well done! And I adore that fabric from Burgundy Buttons! Can't wait to see the quilt made from that!

Mrs.Pickles said...

great pictures and such a lovely quilt!

Lisa Lisa said...

Love all the detailed pictures, and the quilt turned out great!!

Faith Jones said...

I love the quilt! I am so happy you were able to make something so beautiful with my pattern - thanks for sharing!

KrisD said...

Your Owl quilts look amazing! Great job! And I LOVE the new Sassy fabrics.

Ellen said...

Looks great - well done!!

Michelle Olsen said...

You did an amazing job on the quilt! I am completely obsessed with owls and I don't know how I've never seen that particular owl fabric before...I would have picked some up...but not a huge amount since $20/yard is a bit high ;)