Sunday, February 12, 2012

4G ~ Lemons & Wonky-bits

This morning we finished up our weekend errands and while driving home, Mr Fantastic says “Hey, let’s stop by the cell phone store and find out if we are eligible for our upgrades, yet.”  (He has been totally bummed, because he didn’t get a smartphone last time and wishes he had)  So we check in and yes we are eligible for a discounted upgrade.. AND they just happen to have a special, Buy one 4G phone  & get a second one FREE!   WOW and we still get the discounted upgrade price on phone..Whoo Hoo... So we both end up with NEW phones for Valentine’s Presents… Just a bit EARLY.. HEHE.

I got a really cool RED cover for mine, Mr Fantastic picked black for his {of course}.   So....after playing with my phone until the battery died..... just so ya know.....I had to...…the guy at the Store said.... it was important to completely drain and then Recharge the battery…. I swear! *GIGGLE*.  After putting the phone on the charger, off to the sewing cave I went.
A weekend goal has been to finish up my last few Lemon Square Blocks from
 Fresh Lemons Quilts.

I finished them today and laid them out in the front yard... I made enough to go 6 across and 9 rows.  Each block is 9.5 inches unfinished.. So this will be a great size finished at about 54 x 81 before any borders, if any.  J  I loved seeing them all laid out and now I look forward to sewing the rows together.

{no space in my house big enough - I am just glad it wasn’t raining}  
 O000h and I have to share this one picture that I took at my SIL's house last night. For all those that are following along on our Wonky Bee Journey.  Aren't THESE AMAZING??  She is super excited to put this together.   I think she is just waiting for four more blocks.  

 I can't wait to see it finished!  I still don't have any idea what I am going to do for my Month.. I feel like I am at a restaurant with WAY to many favorite items to choose from on the menu...I have until December to decide so hopefully I can make up my mind by then.... HAHAha.  J

Till Next Time...I am linking up over at Judy's... Lemons are on my Design Lawn...*giggle*  hahaha.. Make sure you check out all the other Design Walls...


♥Duff said...

wow, Christine, you are a sewing gangster! I can't believe how much you get done in such a short time period! YOur lemon squares quilt is a great size--perfect for cold winters!!

Mrs.Pickles said...

wow you have been busy!!! everything looks great!

All the wonky blocks look great together. Mine should be there in a week but hopefully sooner(stupid mail)